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Listening to Spanish music is not conducive to doing things in English

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I think a new thing I will do at the beginning of every English course I teach is MadLibs the first day so I can teach parts of speech.  If you’re learning a language I feel like knowing what the different parts of speech are is important and as a teacher, it helps me out a lot.

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200 page hardcover English grammar textbook

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I totally guessed the birthday present that the boyfriend is getting me and I feel a little bad, but I’m also excited!!  

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I don’t understand why the train is cheaper than the bus right now.  I’m so confused.  I’m trying to look at my transportation to get to Madrid when I go home, and the train ride back from Madrid to Murcia is only like 20€ and lasts 4 hours, while the bus costs 40 and takes 6.  

Regardless, this trip is not going to be fun.  I have to take a bus at midnight to arrive to Madrid at 5am, then wait until my flight leaves at 12:30, flight arrives at 3pm in the US (8 hours later), and then a 3 hour car ride home.  23hr30min of travelling.  This is why I don’t like taking the trip home.

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and in that moment, everyone’s heart broke

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there isnt a single part of this vine i dont like

i could not be any happier

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10/10 would bang.

But also:

10/10 would care for you
10/10 would tuck you in
10/10 would cuddle
10/10 would make sure you get to sleep okay
10/10 would make you breakfast in the morning

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I feel like it’s impossible to get bored as easily as I do.

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dammit Simba


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